Monday, October 17, 2011

Up High and Down Low...

This morning I rushed to answer my phone when the caller ID said it was the SA Guide Dog Association calling! I'm sure you remember we applied to be puppy raisers, and we've been waiting for them to let us know they have a pup for us.
Well, I got a call this morning and I was ecstatic when Monica told me there was a male pup available- a labrador-retriever cross- and we could pick him up on Friday morning!
MAJOR excitement!
I hung up the phone and I nearly whooped aloud- but I had a visitor so I behaved myself.
I started making plans in my head about how we could get there early Friday morning to pick up the little munchkin and I was planning on getting new bowls and a collar and leash and everything.
And then I remembered that we are going away this weekend!
MAJOR facepalm!
Isn't Murphy a bitch!?
This is our first weekend away since I can't remember when, and its a prize I won so we're not paying for it either.
MAJOR score.
I had to call them back and tell her we would be away. I asked if there was any way we could come through and fetch the pup next Tuesday or Wednesday instead of Friday. Sadly this was not an option and the pup will be going to the next people on the waiting list.
MAJOR disappointment.
So we're still on the list and waiting again...

Why don't you pop over there and see how you can help.

click on the puppy to make a donation to SAGA


Michelle said...

I have always wanted to "puppy sit" for the Guide Dog Association but I don't think I would ever be able to give it back! Hope you get one soon :)