Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turk and the TV...

I dunno if it was the ball-girls or the players- 'coz I'm pretty sure he couldn't see the ball from where he was sitting- but Turk sat watching this tennis match up close for quite a while!

Greebo And The Socks...

I believe I have mentioned before (here and here) how Greebo "hunts" socks out of my son's closet and washing basket? 
Well, last Saturday night we went to visit my folks for dinner and when we got home, this was the sight that greeted us as we walked in the front door! Four dirty socks and one cleaned pair in a ball!
And that's Greebo by the way, sitting at the top of the picture.

Its A Furpile!

This truly is not the best picture of myself, but I had to get my hubby to take this picture for me! 
For the first time in my life- ALL my cats were snuggling with me at once!
Magic is curled up on my left, Minx is on my chest, Diva is on my left thigh, Greebo is curled in the angle of my right knee and Turk is lying with his chest on my left calf!
About 5 minutes after this picture was taken, Diva headed downstairs and Minx climbed under the duvet-briefly annoying Magic, who growled at her- and slept on my tummy.
And then I spent a good hour or so sniveling and missing my precious Taxi so much!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Clever Greebo!

This is my Greebo, napping on a kitchen stool! He obviously didn't want to curl up on the chair so he hooked his nails in my curtains!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Its Been A Year!

Thelma and Louise came to live with us a year ago already! I can't believe how time has flown!
Happy adoptiversary my sweet clever puppies!
They still have no idea how to play, or what to do with doggy toys, but they chase each other round the garden - and Louise gets so excited when we go into the garden that she woofs and dances! Thelma is the smarter of the two, and the most obedient. :) Louise is the excitable one and will do just about anything to go for a walk!
They were at the vet recently for their annual shots, and both very obediently got up onto the scale when prompted- Thelma weighing in at 11.7kg and Louise is 13.2kg. They were very nervous at the vet's office of course, and they were shaking nervously when I lifted them onto the table for a check up and their injections- but once they were on the floor again they were quite happy.
Thelma still doesn't like the car. She'll get in no problem for one trip- like the trip to the vet- but the going home trip she took a lot of coaxing to get into the car again. Louise has no problem and will happily run and jump in the car at every opportunity!
They are such sweethearts, and now its getting really cold at night they sleep inside on their own cushions in the corner. They don't wonder the house and they don't pick on the cats!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Now Magic Has A Lump!

What's going on with my furbabies!??!
Magic has always been a little different to my other cats in that he seems to prefer his own company. Greebo and Diva almost always sleep on my son's bed at night, Turk and Minx (like Taxi used to) almost always sleep on my bed at night. Magic almost always sleeps downstairs on the couches, but he does love my son Damien so he sometimes sleeps on my son's bed, especially with winter coming. 
With Magic being such a grump and growling if one of the other cats gets too close to him, I don't see him as much as I do my other furry masters... And he doesn't get a rub down every day. What I do try and do is give my kitties a rub down with my hands. I stroke them with two hands from neck to tail and I run my hands all up their tail and down their legs, then their neck and head. It feels more like a cuddle than an examination coz I croon and tickle them whilst I'm busy, but the rub down means I immediately notice any lumps or bumps that are not visible just by looking at them.
Then this morning it was Magic's turn for a rub and I found a lump on his back. Its just right of his spine and about halfway down his back.
Looks like another trip to the vet...