Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 6th Purrday Greebo

Today my beautiful, sleek, talkative, head-bumping Greebo is 6 years old!
Greebo, who is always the civilised one.
Who seems to look down on frivolity unless it involves his favourite catnip-stuffed-fish.

Who always seems to be a grownup.
Who looks on whilst Taxi and Magic run around and wrestle like lunatics.
Who will occasionally play a game of tag with Magic, or wrestle with Taxi a little.

Who is definitely the alpha-male in this feline household.
Who loves to lie on top of things.

Who ignored me for months after I dared bring Taxi the kitten home with me.
Who was clever enough to learn to open doors and closets- and teach Taxi to do the same.

Happy purrday my darling Greebo, my sweet beebalobees, my precious pudding tat!