Saturday, August 28, 2010

Greebo The... Erm... The Hunter?

I have blogged before about how my oldest cat, Greebo, "hunts" socks- especially out of my son's closet! I now work from home full time and I've realised that he does this up to six times a day! I've spent years telling my son not to leave his socks lying all over the house, and I now know that whilst Damien does sometimes leave his socks on the floor- Greebo is probably the biggest culprit!
I am now determined to catch him in the act and take a photograph, but as I'm sure you know- as soon as I get my camera and "lie in wait" he comes to see what I'm doing rather than carry on as usual.

This was Friday morning at around 9h30, after his first 2 forays into the depths of my teenage son's laundry basket...

A little while later I heard him yowling with a mouthful of cotton blend, and I tried to sneak up on the bedroom door- as he usually carries his "kill" all the way downstairs- but he heard me and dropped it in the doorway before walking out of the bedroom.
This was what I then found... I was going to photograph his collection as it grew throughout the day, but I didn't tell my son and a little while later he went and picked up all the socks- there were 5!
I am determined to catch him on camera with socks in his mouth!!