Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#SAGApupVolt At Puppy Class

It was puppy class again this morning, and Volt had his two sisters, Vegas and Vossie, to keep him company.
Volt's sister Vera and his brother Vincent (he was in a litter of 7) have gone down to Cape Town for a fledgling puppy-raising scheme there, and his other sister Umeka and brother Viking go to different puppy classes.

Volt and his sisters have a whale of a time with all three of them wrestling and rolling to get on top of each other. His sisters often gang up on him and pin him to the ground. They're quite worn out when they get home.

Today Volt had his 12 week inoculations and a deworming tablet, which tastes vile and was a mission to get him and his sister's to swallow! Vegas was particularly adept at spitting it out again.
Volt also got his puppy-in-training jacket today! Now as we advance in his training he can go out more and more with me! Doesn't he look smart!?

In class today we worked on walking on a lead in a row, and as we walked we did "stop", "sit", "stay", "down", and "forward". Volt is usually pretty good on the lead but having his sisters in front and behind him today was a bit of a challenge to his attention span! ;) We also practised walking through doors and having the pups sit calmly next to us as we discussed their progress with our PDS.
We'll be practising what we did in class today at home this week. :)

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Ava said...

This is great to get to read about and see! I look forward to more posts and more visits here!

alidaonline said...

Aw look at him in his jacket!

I love the pic where the one pup is sitting on the other's head. Looks like they had a great time together.