Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yessss!!! Finally!!!

I am beyond excited!

I got a call from the South African Guide-Dog Association today, and we will be collecting a male pup from them a little before Christmas! He is only a couple of weeks old at the moment so we can't fetch him just yet. He is yellow, he's a labrador/ golden retriever cross and we now have to name him! Something short for ease of use in training I think, and something that starts with either a "U" or a "V".

I asked on Twitter and Facebook and got a whole lot of name suggestions!
For the letter "U" - Ubbi, Ugg, Uko, Ulmo, Ulric, Ulysses, Umi, Uno, Urban, Uri, Uriah, Usha, Ussher, and Uzi.
For the letter "V" - Vados, Valentino, Valiant (brave), Valyn, Vanilla, Vargo, Vaughn, Vector, Veiga, Vela, Vega, Vespa (wasp), Vic (conqueror), Vicko, Victor (conqueror), Viking, Vincent, Vinnie or Vinny (conqueror), Visha, Vlad (rule), Vodka, Voldemort and Vuka.
And a couple of people suggested "UV"!
Then I searched online a bit and found Ubu, Urchin (which I rather like), Ursa (bear), Vanna (meaning golden), Viggo (war), Vito (life), Virgil and Voight.

I think I'll whittle the list down to a couple of favourites and then see which one fits him when he arrives. And then of course the name has to be accepted by SAGA as he can't have the same name as any of his siblings.

I will be blogging about this puppy raising adventure and all it entails, and you can look for the #SAGuideDogAssociation hash tag on Twitter in future. I will also devise a hash tag including the dog's name for Twitter folk to follow as well.
You will also be bombarded with puppy photos, so prepare yourself!

click on the puppy to make a donation to SAGA


Gina said...

Mazel Tov!

SheBee said...


tanyadeville said...

woot! can't wait to see pics of Vinnie (yes, that is his name :p )

Within Without said...

Advance congrats! When I was growing up, WE had a golden retriever and her name was Taffy. But of the ones you've said are in the running, I like Ugg!

Or call it it. Or Om.

Tamara said...

I can't quite picture a lab called Voldemort. What about Uber (as in uber-awesome that you're getting a pup)?

Dino aka Katy said...

have fun

Anonymous said...

Alot of those names are retarded, when choosing consider only strong names as it's easier for the dog to respond to, which aren't similar to any commands that would be used.

I think Vic, Victor and Vinny are good options but Vinny just makes me think of Jersey Shore and not for a lovely labrador.

What a nice xmas present for you :)

cat said...

Wow, this is so exciting! The,ma and Louise will have to be surrogate mommies.

I like Ursa (bear) because labs/retrievers are so bear-like but I also like Victor because it is such a positive name. Especially for a guide dog representing victory over the blindness.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

How about Vesta, Ura, Vince, Vern, Vasgo, or just plain Vee

Gill said...

Oh wow, what a fun and worthwhile thing to be doing! Hope you have an awwesome time with the pup :-) Looking forward to reading all about it xx