We Use...

Cat Food

The cats are fed Pick n Pay's Nutriphase dry pellets- either lamb or chicken. We don't do fish at all.
Every other month they get a small tin of soft meat to share as a treat.
I am careful with their food because they are indoor cats, so if I feed them junk they will get fat and I can't have that.

Cat Litter
We use Thycor cat litter, easy to find and affordable from any supermarket.

Dog Food
The dogs are also fed Pick n Pay's Nutriphase pellets.

Pest Control
I am very proud to say my cats have only had fleas twice- once when we found baby Magic and again when we brought Turk and Diva home as kittens. We dosed all of them with Frontline drops for cats and have not had problems with ticks or fleas since. Of course it helps that they don't go outside.
The dogs were adopted from Wetnose, and I was very impressed that they didn't have any ticks or fleas! I dose them regularly with Frontline drops for dogs as well, since they live outside and we walk them as well so I don't want them getting fleas from other dogs.
The dogs are dewormed with a delicious tasting chewy tablet, and the cats are dewormed using the drops on their neck that cover ticks, fleas and worms.

I also make a chicken soup for my pets that I try to give them once a week. Its one whole chicken with or without giblets, two big potatoes and two big carrots, boiled in water that just covers the chicken, no salt or spices added, which is then blended smooth. I get about two litres of soup which I freeze in four portions.