Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baby Magic In All Her Cuteness

slowly waking up after a snooze on the couch
hiding from the evil puppies on daddy's shoulder
a very lazy baby magic stretched out on our bed...
and snuggled in her daddy's arm...
and asleep on my pillow!
Our new baby has finally started sleeping in places other than her own room with the door closed. Since she came home she was very wary and couldn't seem to fall asleep unless she felt completely secure and isolated. Now she's so much more relaxed.
She now spends 95% of her time with us and with Greebo and Taxi.
Check out her new pink collar, that she has only now started to fit into... on its very smallest setting!

You can click to enlarge!


Anonymous said...

She is totally adorable, and those eyes! wow!
just wondering, how did u introduce her to the two older male cats? we have a 4yr old male cat who is very territorial over his home and we have been wanting to get him a friend, but are nervous about the response...
Any tips?

angel said...

stephanie: well, her being a kitten and female certainly helped.
the main thing was keeping them completely apart for at least a full week. in that time, i'd let her have some of their toys and mix some of their litter with hers, and every other day i'd swop them. add some of her litter to theirs and switch toys again.
you can do the same with bedding if you have loose blankets that they like to use.
after a week or so you can bring the baby out for them to sniff and see, making sure to be there with them and hold the baby while you do so.
after a couple of weeks, allow the baby out for supervised "visits".
at first- they'll all hiss and maybe even growl, but the baby tends to win them over very quickly.
after a few weeks you'll see how they are with each other, and you can then start leaving the baby to roam while you're home, but might want to lock her away while you're not there for a while longer.
don't be alarmed at some swatting, the older cats just want the baby to know who's boss. i would worry if there was biting involved, but there shouldn't be.
within 3 to 4 weeks the baby should be able to stay out unsupervised.

the "play" will also get a little rougher as the baby gets older, and when adult cats play it can look very rough and nasty. it took me a long while to get used to how greebo & taxi "play" with each other. its literally play fighting- with stalking and pouncing and chasing and grabbing and all.
the giveaway that its play and not fighting? there's no blood, they do not defacate while playing (which they do terribly when they fight), and they don't pull clumps of each other's fur out (which also happens when they fight). they also don't do that terrible yowling when they play.
good luck!
i'd love to know how you do...

Everycat said...

Lazy baby? She's got a duty to sleep and laze about, she's got some growing to do! She's a delight and looks so totally happy in your home.

Great mixing and settling in advice you gave up there too!

Whicky Wuudler

angel said...

everycat: why thank you!