Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Cat And The Cardboard

Taxi has a thing for cardboard.
All his life he's chewed on cardboard boxes. He doesn't eat it- he just breaks off pieces and spits them out, leaving my floor littered with little chunks of cardboard.
And the noise of him yanking off bits at one o'clock in the morning is enough to yank me out of a dead sleep!
I have no idea why he does it- and from the research I did no one else does either! And its fairly common, and I found a few links so you can check out here, here, here and here.
This was my lazy bones when I got home on Friday afternoon, and here follow a few pictures of his handiwork on some boxes in my bedroom.


Anonymous said...

My cat hates books, if we are reading one be it a book or magazine he will try rip the pages and gets quite angry at it all... got to love these crazy mad wonderful animals :)

Kitty Cat said...

So cool to read this blog of yours as well! You know I love me my cats too!

angel said...

stephanie: :D
if i'm sitting up reading, taxi'll come and lie on top of my book. if i leave a book lying around he'll chew on it. if i'm lying in bed he'll come and lie between me and the book!

kitty cat: why thank you!