Friday, July 6, 2012

Just 432 Days...

In just four hundred and thirty two days I lost my precious Taxi, my darling Turk and my beautiful Diva to FeLV...

Test your kitties for it and inoculate your kittens against it! There is an injection against it now! Turk and Diva both had the shots when we adopted them but they had most likely already contracted it from their mother during nursing and grooming.
FeLV- unlike FIV- can be transmitted from cat to cat by grooming and such, by them loving each other. They don't need to fight and draw blood to contract it. And because it acts like Leukemia kitties who contract it have a severely compromised immune system.

My Taxi was diagnosed in 2008 at almost 4 years old, and he died suddenly and peacefully about two and a half years later.
Turk and Diva were about two and a half years old when they died, sadly because both of them got too sick to be treated.
The scary thing is that kitties don't tell you when they're feeling sick. By the time you notice something is up it is often almost too late, and because I have my kitties inside with me all the time I am even more likely to notice a change in their health or behaviour as soon as it happens.