Sunday, July 22, 2012

#SAGApupVolt Is Thirty Eight Weeks Old

We've had thirty weeks and three days with Volt and I hardly saw my boy this week! When he chewed his stitches out (from his wart removal) last Sunday, SAGA suggested I take him to their "hospital" kennels so they can doctor it and make 100% sure there's no infection until the small cut had healed a bit more. I dropped him off on Monday and fetched him on Friday again and Riddick was very happy to see him!

On Sunday we spent several hours at SAGA's stand at the World Of Dogs And Cats Pet Exhibition where SAGA was selling little stuffed Labrador toys, and raffle tickets for the car they are giving away! Its an awesome training exercise for the pups-in-training like Volt (Rankin was there today too) because they have to stay calm and quiet with people of all ages and races walking past them and talking to them and cuddling them, and today was extra challenging with all the dogs and cats going past us as well! Its a lot of work for the dogs to concentrate on being well behaved for several hours and they go home quite tired.
If you were there today- thank you for supporting SAGA!
Volt met a lot of people and got a lot of cuddles and attention today
Rankin is a couple of months older than Volt
Volt being very obedient, and SAGA's Pieter's O'Riley and Maggie being good as gold
the crowds outside the SAGA stand
And when we got home from the expo we had a well deserved ball game on the back lawn!
talk about a lucky photo!

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