Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#RiddickPup Had A Check Up

This morning, I took Riddick to the Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital (JAEH) for a follow up appointment on his eyes.
JAEH saw Riddick when he was about three weeks old when the SAGA staff were first concerned that there was something wrong with his eyes. Because his eyes are so obviously different to the "norm" for a Labrador/ Golden Retriever cross, there was obviously cause for concern.
Today was a follow up appointment to get a better look at his eyes and to try and determine if they have gotten worse since they first saw him.
There were a few student vets there today too and they were keen to see what is up with Riddick as its an unusual case.
It turns out Riddick does indeed have pupils, but they are fully dilated and fixed open- they do not react to light at all the way they should. He also has irises but they are a thin dark ring around the outside of his eye because his pupils are fully open.
He has perfectly normal and healthy retinas, corneas, lenses and optic nerves, which is fabulous news. His eyes will not get better with time, but they can be damaged because of his inability to control how much light is allowed onto his retinas.
We'll go back for a check up when he's 6 months old again, and then after that once a year.
So here's to good news and getting a proper sized pair of Doggles to prevent UV damage to his retinas as he gets older.