Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our #SAGApupVolt Is Eight Months Old!

Yup! Yesterday, June 30th, he was exactly 8 months old. He's thirty five weeks old today and his weight remains a constant 30 to 30.5kg.
Its only 120 days until our boy is a year old... How time flies...
Volt is well on par with his training. Our SAGA PDS is very happy with his progress. We went with Riddick and his siblings to visit a nursery school last week and our PDS took charge of Volt whilst I had Riddick, and he did so well with the children and the noise.

Volt is setting an excellent example for his "little brother" Riddick!

Riddick does so love to snuggle and play with his "big brother" Volt!

Volt dearly loves the duvet I have given him to sleep on! If I forget to take it out of his crate in the morning and put it on the floor in the living room he will stay in his crate all day!

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