Friday, September 23, 2011

Poor Li'l Minx...

Minx is a little over a year old now, and she's tiny even for a female.
And she STILL has a cough! 
As a result the vet won't spay her because they're afraid her lungs and/ or heart can't take the anesthesia. She's had several courses of antibiotics and several treatments but she is fine for 2 weeks and then she's coughing again.
And now, she's gone into season for the first time!
I feel so sorry for her.
She's presenting to Turk, Greebo and Magic, but being neutered males they're not interested at all. She's chirruping and talking all the time, and of course she's spraying to "spread the news" as queens in season are wont to do.
I've called a vet to have her spayed but it won't happen till Monday, and even then only if they're happy with her chest and heart...
Is there any way I can ease her stress until then?


I called the vet and asked if it was possible to spay her sooner, and after checking their diary they said I could drop her off last night to be spayed this morning.
Poor baby had to stay overnight at the vet's office all on her own!
I do hope she'll be okay... The vet also says she's a pretty normal size for a female, :D I s'pose she just looks little next to Turk and Greebo.