Monday, January 18, 2010

Our New Baby

Last Thursday, January 14th 2010, a friend of ours' cat had three little kittens!

One of the kittens is a cream tabby, one is a classic silver tabby, and one is all white!
We've decided to adopt the little white furbaby- in the picture above, cradled in her new daddy's hands- and he or she will be joining our family some time in early March 2010.
We will of course take every precaution to make sure he or she is accepted by the three lords of our manor.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Taxi Missed Me!

My fiancé and I have just spent 2 weeks on holiday in Australia- starting just after Christmas.
I always stress something awful about leaving my precious furbabies at home when I am away, and because they indoor cats I stress because I worry that whoever is looking after them will not do as good a job as I do.

Last year, we hired someone who came twice a day to look after the cats and spend some time with them- and he did a great job in that the boys got used to him and they were a lot less stressed than they would have been had I boarded them.

This year, my son stayed home with them while we were away- so it was even less stressful for them. And he did a great job because he knows what they need and he knows their personalities.

Once we were home, it took Taxi about an hour to stop sulking and sniffing our suitcases- and he has not left my side! Literally! I've been in bed with gastric flu since we got home, and he has even made every single trip to the loo with me! If I left him, he'll sleep on my tummy or my chest, and if I lie and read he lies on my back.

Silly Taxi cat!