Tuesday, May 25, 2010

18 Weeks Old...

This is Turk's right front paw!!! At 18 weeks old! He's going to be a monster!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Kitten Furbabies Are 17 Weeks Old

I'm so proud of them- they're already "sitting" for catnip cookies 8 times out of 10! We haven't started harness training yet though.

...the kittens getting lessons from Magic...

My darling "little" Turk- AKA Turkinator, Turkilitis, Turkster, Turkus or Turkey (I knew that would come into it somehow)- is well on his way to 3kg already!
He FAR outweighs his exquisite little sister, Diva. He is very Siamese in his mannerisms and "look" in terms of his broad flat nose, big ears and slightly squint blue eyes. He doesn't have the sleek long-faced look that is the recognised breed trait but he is very definitely a flame or red-point. He's developing more red on his face all the time.
He's really comical in that he loves sleeping on our bed with us, but if Taxi isn't on the bed he just can't settle! He's under the duvet, then on the pillows, the on our shoulders or the crook of our elbows, between us, on top of us, next to us, under the duvet again, squeaking and mewling with every change in position!
Once his hero Taxi arrives, he makes a bee-line for him and does all the head-bumping and snuggling he can before curling up next to Taxi and going to sleep. I can't get over how he adores Taxi!
He also loves to squish himself into my lap when I'm sitting up in bed with my laptop!

...its a pity the camera flash washes out the red on his face...

Diva is simply exquisite. She has the most beautiful green ring around the iris of her brown eyes. She's petite and dainty, and waaay more agile than Turk when it comes to jumping and climbing. She loves climbing the burglar guards and security gates. Her "snuggle" habit is when my alarm goes off for work in the morning. Then she comes onto the bed, purring and kneading with every step- pushing her head in under your hand for a cuddle.
This little mischief maker also still fits in the pool table pockets- unlike her big brother! I'm so afraid she'll go in and get stuck so we put wine bottles in all the pockets for a while. I think she's a little more mature than her brother Turk and she's a lot more independent. They don't sleep together all the time as little kittens are wont to do- but Turk will seek Diva out so he can cuddle up to her while she's quite happy sleeping alone.
She also loves parking herself infront of the PC screen and chasing the mouse cursor, and she loves watching YouTube videos of birds or fish!

beautiful Diva kitty