Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Magic Christmas Morning

Of all our furbabies, Magic is the only one who has expressed any interest in Christmas at all.

She's knocked one or two decorations off the tree and chased them around, but she responds well to the spray bottle now. On Christmas morning she had a wonderful time playing with Damien's Christmas wrapping and boxes, and gave his new iPOD hi-fi a good once over.

Her eyes are very definitely brown now, and she's grown so much!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Taxi Seems Okay...

I took Taxi to the vet on Monday morning, and she gave him a good once over. She also couldn't find any wounds or swelling, and he doesn't flinch if you touch his leg. As far as we can tell its nothing serious, so he had his annual shots and then the vet gave me a 3 day anti-inflammatory treatment for him, thankfully in 3 already "loaded" syringes so all I had to do was squirt it down his throat.
Lemme tell you- I have never battled to medicate my boys, especially when its a liquid in a syringe! I wait till they're eating, cuddle them from behind a bit, lift their heads gently and zap the syringe in before they know what's hit them!
He's still limping ever so slightly, and he finished his meds on Wednesday morning... so I'm going to keep an eye on him.
Ooh, and I almost forgot- he weighs juuuuust under 7kg (15 pounds)!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Taxi Is Limping

My precious snickerdoodle-tickannackizz has managed to injure his left front leg somehow and he's limping quite badly. He's even favouring it when he's sitting- though he doesn't flinch when I touch it...
Being indoor cats (or window-watchers), my furbabies seldom hurt themselves seriously- if at all- in fact Greebo hurt himself badly only once, a few years ago, when he fell out of my second floor flat window over the New Year's weekend.
And now Taxi is hurt.
And typical of cats they don't show there's anything wrong till its almost too late... He did get out somehow today- but I was under the inpression he was outside for less than a minute before we got him inside again... now I wonder.
Unfortunately I only noticed the limp at about 7PM which is too late for our vet... but I am going to try and get him there first thing in the morning.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Greebo and Magic Playing

Greebo loves his travel box, and they're always open and on the floor for them to sleep or play in (this makes it a lot easier to get them in their boxes when its time to go to the vet).
Tonight, Greebo was reclining in his box as he likes to do.
Then the little mischievious Magic found him in it. She spent several minutes stalking him round and round the box, going up to him and they'd bat at each other playfully before she'd scarper again.
She then discovered she could climb on top of the travel box and the box thats currently standing next to it, and in the process of playing with Greebo and going back and forth she managed to push the door closed.
She'd dash to the door, bat at it and jump around and then take off across the living room!

Taxi watched all this from his post- curled up on the corner of the pool table above greebo!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Magic Is So Entertaining!

Here's the little mischief playing with the string tie on my blouse- which was lying on top of the barstool.
She played with this thing all night- eventually convincing Taxi to join her for a while. She'd grab the end of the tie and try to walk away with it, going back time and again, managing to pull the blouse off onto the floor and run across the livingroom with it after a while!
The big one on the collage of her "stuck" on the barstool's cross-struts is just so cute!
And tonight I finally had to use The Squirt Bottle on her.
Its what I used to deter Greebo and Taxi from climbing the curtains and such like, and worked so well that I need only point it in their direction and they stop what they're doing.
This is why I had to start using it on little Magic tonight...

And try as I might I have not been able to get a picture of Magic and Greebo playing tag. Greebo has been playing with her for a week now and it makes me so happy. And whilst her games with Taxi are usually rough and tumble wrestling matches, she and Greebo run up and down the living room- Greebo is faster of course, but he waits for her to catch up at one end of their route before taking off again!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She's Now relaxed Enough To Sleep Anywhere!

She's started that whole kitten thing where they'll be playing furiously, and then just collapse.
Before, when she first came to us, she mew and talk and ask to be taken back to her hidey-hole before she'd fall asleep, now she just drops where she is.
Last night it was my bathroom floor where she'd visited me while I showered!
My Glugs' dogs are visiting us, and while Magic has put them very firmly in their place, the older dog- Yodi- follows Magic around as if trying to work out why this fluffy toy can move on its own! And thats all she does, she goes where Magic goes and she watches her. Its very comical to see.

Baby Magic In All Her Cuteness

slowly waking up after a snooze on the couch
hiding from the evil puppies on daddy's shoulder
a very lazy baby magic stretched out on our bed...
and snuggled in her daddy's arm...
and asleep on my pillow!
Our new baby has finally started sleeping in places other than her own room with the door closed. Since she came home she was very wary and couldn't seem to fall asleep unless she felt completely secure and isolated. Now she's so much more relaxed.
She now spends 95% of her time with us and with Greebo and Taxi.
Check out her new pink collar, that she has only now started to fit into... on its very smallest setting!

You can click to enlarge!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taxi & Magic Play Now!

Taxi and Magic playing
Taxi on one side of the curtains and Magic on the other...
This seems to be their favourite game- with Magic sneaking up on him!
Magic & Taxi in action...
Taxi about to make a move on Taxi's tail...
I think Taxi just loves having a new playmate- and little Magic just loves being able to approach them.
Greebo still runs away when Magic tries to approach him, although he's a lot more relaxed.
Taxi will play, and when he thinks she's getting out of hand he swats her. She flattens her ears and sits and glares at him- but she doesn't run or make a sound!

Monday, November 17, 2008

She Now Comes Downstairs!!!

She doesn't know how to get back up the stairs yet though, and I have to watch her very carefully when she goes towards the stairs in case she falls straight down instead of going down one at a time.
She'll very quickly follow someone downstairs, but if her door is open and we're downstairs she hasn't quite worked out how to find us yet... but she's exploring more and more!
And Greebo and Taxi are more and more tolerant of her. They've started swatting at her lightly if she takes a nip at one of their tails- and we all know how enticing a swishing tail can be!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Magic Is Getting Sooooo Kyoot!

Greebo keeping a watchful but suprisingly relaxed eye on the newbie. He and Taxi follow her around at a distance and watch her closely, trying to act casual about it at the same time.

Magic under one of the ottomans...

before she discovered she can climb onto the ottoman

and after she investigated the CD racks for climbability.

The boys big scratch post also warranted a looky-loo

She was sitting on the back of the couch and saw Greebo walk past on the floor...

Once she got up she was of course unsure of how to get down!

She really likes the oven door!

Here's Magic cornering Taxi in the kitchen!