Friday, December 19, 2008

Taxi Seems Okay...

I took Taxi to the vet on Monday morning, and she gave him a good once over. She also couldn't find any wounds or swelling, and he doesn't flinch if you touch his leg. As far as we can tell its nothing serious, so he had his annual shots and then the vet gave me a 3 day anti-inflammatory treatment for him, thankfully in 3 already "loaded" syringes so all I had to do was squirt it down his throat.
Lemme tell you- I have never battled to medicate my boys, especially when its a liquid in a syringe! I wait till they're eating, cuddle them from behind a bit, lift their heads gently and zap the syringe in before they know what's hit them!
He's still limping ever so slightly, and he finished his meds on Wednesday morning... so I'm going to keep an eye on him.
Ooh, and I almost forgot- he weighs juuuuust under 7kg (15 pounds)!


Everycat said...

I'm glad Taxi isn't flinching and has no wounds or damage visible. He probably sprained himself whilst supervising and playing with Magic. He really is a stunning cat - 15lbs - he doesn't look like he has an ounce of fat on him! We do the sneak/cuddle/zap method too, it works well!

Happy Christmas to you all!


angel said...

everycat: oh he is stunning and so heavy! i should try and take a picture of him with something to show his size in proportion...

Everycat said...

We wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Good will to all living things!

Whicky Wuudler & Family

PS: Hope Taxi's limp is gone and all cats and humans are well for the holidays!