Friday, December 12, 2008

Greebo and Magic Playing

Greebo loves his travel box, and they're always open and on the floor for them to sleep or play in (this makes it a lot easier to get them in their boxes when its time to go to the vet).
Tonight, Greebo was reclining in his box as he likes to do.
Then the little mischievious Magic found him in it. She spent several minutes stalking him round and round the box, going up to him and they'd bat at each other playfully before she'd scarper again.
She then discovered she could climb on top of the travel box and the box thats currently standing next to it, and in the process of playing with Greebo and going back and forth she managed to push the door closed.
She'd dash to the door, bat at it and jump around and then take off across the living room!

Taxi watched all this from his post- curled up on the corner of the pool table above greebo!


momcat said...

She is so cute. She is providing your boys with a lot of entertainment even though they probably don't like to admit it!

Everycat said...

Greebo is such a tolerant, velevety cat. Magic is so funny, shutting the door and running away. That last picture is delightful, only a kitten could get away with it!

Whicky Wuudler

angel said...

momcat: oh they'd never admit it!

everycat: he is suprisingly tolerant, though he took a lot longer to be okay with magic than taxi did