Monday, June 4, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Nine Weeks Old

Can you believe he's 9 weeks old already!
He weighed 6.7kg on the vet's scale this morning, which means he's gained 500g in the last week. He LOVES his food, and he's currently eating 90g of Purina Olympic Puppy puppy food three times a day, and it now has 10g Nutriphase Puppy added to it so as to phase him slowly from one food to the next. Next week it will be 20g Nutriphase and 80g Purina, and we steadily increase it until the Purina is finished.
He is learning not to panic when I put his food bowl down! I am really chuffed but he already sits, and then I hold his collar lightly and say "okay" for him to start eating. He no longer does the mad scrabble on the kitchen floor when he smells his food! Progress!

We are also having fewer and fewer accidents on the floor in the house, especially now he can climb the stairs himself.
He is already responding to "sit", and I continue to work on teaching him to gently take a treat from my hand rather than just snatching in the direction of the smell.
Car travel is getting better all the time as well.
asleep on my bag in the car
After patiently helping him down the back steps for a few days this last week, he can now successfully negotiate those three steps outside the kitchen door leading to the lawn, though he's still a little hesitant when its dark. Its so cute to see how he bounces down the steps now! The inside steps are a different story though. He climbs them easily enough, like if he's following me or one of the cats, but coming down he has no depth of field so he sits at the top of the stairs and bark-howls till someone rescues him!
Leash training is getting better all the time. There's a huge difference between him and Volt when it comes to the leash, where Volt took a couple of days to get used to wearing the leash, but Riddick seems to think something is trying to eat him when he has the leash on! I'm sure it is harder for him because he can't see the leash leads to me, but it is getting better.
Volt and Riddick are still thick as thieves, and Volt is a really good influence on Riddick!