Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Riddick At Puppy Class

This afternoon was Riddick's first puppy class at SAGA with his siblings- Apollo, Anushka, Ascii (I hope I've got this right, as in ASCII), Aristotle and Abby! Half the litter is black and half the litter is yellow.
We are very grateful to SAGA for allowing Riddick to do the puppy classes with his siblings as the socialisation is very important and a dog who is properly socialised is a lot nicer to have around.

Puppy class is always interesting, to hear how the different puppies are developing and make suggestions for each other on things we may be battling with- like slowing down their eating, waiting for their food and so on. And to hear about similarities too! Quite a few of these pups share Riddick's 4am wake-up for busies before going back to sleep till 6h30ish.
And today Riddick and his littermates got their microchips, which are injected under the loose skin of the neck with quite a large needle, and Riddick didn't even flinch!!!
*proud mommy moment*
Apparently, my little Riddick- can't you just HEAR my incredulous tone of voice- is the bully of his litter! Despite his lack of sight, it seems he got the lion's share of mommy Liberty's milk and wouldn't let the other pups get between him and the food when they started weaning! And he's always been very vocal! SAGA staff commented on how he was noisiest even in puppy block! He's very quick to snarl if one of his siblings grabs his ear or something so there will be lots of correcting when it comes to that, its unacceptable in a guide-dog pup and must be discouraged at all times.
After a handling session and a chat with our PDS, the pups went off to do a very simple obstacle course. But as the obstacle course might have stressed him needlessly, I took Riddick into SAGA's offices to say hello.
There were some volunteers inside packaging the prizes for this Friday's Golf Day and they were doing such a great job! The goodies looked incredible! They took a brief break to cuddle Riddick who was very loud right then, and then we headed back to the car and home!
He slept all the way home!

puppy greetings- Apollo has Riddick's ear in his mouth!
"handling" in a circle as we report back on how they're doing
(I have blocked the puppy walker's faces as I don't have their permission to post their photos here)

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cat said...

He has a lions'heart - will stand him in good stead in future.