Sunday, October 31, 2010

Minx And Her Play Place

This wooden, fold-away stepladder is mine. I use it in my kitchen 'coz I'm a short shit. And my kittens all love to play on it! Its like a little jungle gym for them!
One evening, I was using it as a table and when I stepped away briefly it got taken over!
Here is a set of photos of Turk and Minx playing on it... and at one point Taxi also had a look-in!
 And this is a close up of Minx's face in the one photo:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Angel Has Dogs. Thelma's Tongue!

Thelma and Louise both love to lick, but Thelma has the longest tongue!!

Angel Has Dogs. Happy Puppies.

I just love how my dogs smile!
Thelma (the brown dog) does it more than Louise does, and it makes them look so comical and happy... or vicious, depending which side of the gate you're on!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Even Kittens Love Cupcakes

This is Minx playing with my jeweled cupcake pendant!!



Baby Minx has met her housemates, and apart from grumpy Magic still growling at her, and her making fairly wide berths around them when she has to go past, things seem to be going well.

She and Turk and Diva are playing catch occasionally, and she and Taxi will sleep happily together on my bed!

She's actually venturing downstairs more and more often and she is very quick to respond when I call her! I walk into my bedroom and I call "Where's the baby!?" in my best high pitched squeaky furbaby voice and she will appear from wherever whe was hiding and come to me for a cuddle! I hope she will always do that... its just so cute!!

Passed out on top of my camera bag after a lengthy gymnastics session... a play session she does all on her own, bouncing and climbing all over the place!!!

Diva in a Window

Isn't she just the most exquisite cat... at 9 months old she just keeps getting prettier!

A Little Turk Update

9 month old Turk, sleeping with his tongue sticking out, sleeping with his foreleg over his face, and stealing ice from my glass!!


Learning to Climb

She loves this scratch-post! She runs up and takes flying leaps onto the top of it!!