Monday, October 11, 2010

We May Have A Name!

What do you think of "Smudge"? She's all black of course... and she nearly was a smudge on a main road...

The baby has taken up residence in our bathroom as I spent 40 minutes looking for her- IN OUR STUDY!!
She likes the igloo, but it has to have the towel over the entrance else she feels too exposed. Typical of a feral kitten and a lot like Magic when he came to live with us.

She went to the vet today, the vet guessed her to be about 6 weeks old and she weighs in at about 550g. She's a little skinny, but thats to be expected, and the burn on her bottom lip is from when she climbed in under the car but will heal fine. She was dewormed but won't get her shots just yet.
She loves a cuddle, as long as she's not too much out in the open, but still hisses at all sorts of things and has to be coaxed out of the igloo.


cat said...

I think Smudge is just perfect for her and she is beautiful.