Monday, November 22, 2010

Minx The Climber

Wow. You know, I think few things can lift a person's mood better, than watching a kitten play. Minx tries to climb everything, runs everywhere, swats everything as she passes it by, pounces on everything she can, and when I look at her and talk to her all cute she looks back at me and mews, so all I see is her little pink tongue and tiny baby teeth!
Watching her try to scrabble up onto the back of these wooden chairs is hysterical! There's no grip and she often dangles over both sides, I just wasn't quick enough with my camera to catch it!


Magic's Antics

Beautiful Magic is such a sweetheart. When I am sitting working at my desk downstairs, he will come and stand up against the arm of the chair I am in and ask for a cuddle. And he'll keep coming back until he's had enough of a stroking. Yet at the same time, he is the first to growl at someone who "sneaks" up on him, or at one of the kittens getting too close to him if he's eating or snoozing.
He also loves to sleep in strange places. Most often, he's on his floor on his back, with his feet in the air. He also loves to climb in behind the DSTV decoder, or try to curl up in a basket that looks like it will barely hold a kitten never mind Magic's 5kg!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Feline Family!

Here is a rare picture of all 6 of our cats!!
Far left is Magic on an ottoman, towards the centre is Greebo on the other ottoman, Turk and Diva are sharing the back of the couch in the background, and on the couch in the foreground- baby Minx is watching Taxi walk past her on the floor. Taxi just wouldn't sit still on the other side of the room as he insists on being in the same room I am in!
 Here's five of them- all looking at me- from the other side of the room. Taxi was at my feet in this picture.
 This is a first, baby Minx being allowed to sleep snuggle with one of the other cats!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kitten Pee Inna Mawneen

Last week, our little Minx suddenly took to peeing on my husband's pillows!!

I know that a cat suddenly not using its litterbox is a very bad sign and usually a sign of illness, so I was worried. I caught her doing it once, and I kept a close eye on her after that. The second time I caught her doing it, my poor hubby was being very rudely awoken early one morning with Minx peeing on his pillow and his head!

I took her to the vet that same morning, and after a quick blood smear the vet found there were still traces of worms and infection in her blood! She had already been dewormed, but the vet dit again and Minx was put on an antibiotic. I am now also mixing a probiotic powder into the cats' water dish, which will benefit all the cats.

updating her Facebook page...?

Minx now weighs in at a whole kilogram, and she plays with Turk and Magic till they're all worn out!!

And then a couple of days ago I caught her red handed... erm, red pawed!? Look at this!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy 7th Purrday Greebo

My beautiful, sleek and glossy Greebo.

My always camera shy Greebo who hides only from thunder and occasionally from strange visitors.
 My gawjiss white-tipped boss of the cats.
You remain slightly aloof with kittens who become part of our family until they properly outgrow baby games.
You remain a little stand-offish with all the cats in the house but Taxi, with whom you happily wrestle and play catch.
You are still the only cat in our household that will bump heads.
You will do almost anything for a piece of chicken.
You like to occasionally torment the dogs through the big glass windows, just to let them know who is boss, and Damien is your favourite human.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Not TV Addicts As Such...

But they do love the TV cabinet!
Magix and Taxi were snoozing in front of the TV...
 Then Greebo wanted to join them but settled for the floor...
 And then Turk decided he wanted in on it too!
We often have to chase them off so we can see the screen properly!

Monday, November 1, 2010