Thursday, June 17, 2010

22 Weeks Old

They are so beautiful, and such characters!

I finally put their tags back on their collars- including the pretty presents they got from their mommy's slave Sheena, when we adopted them- and after a brief spell of trying to play with what was now hanging from their collars, they settled down and they ignore them now.

My gorgeous Turk suddenly doesn't look like a kitten anymore. In fact, he usually looks really fierce, like he's going to smack the snot outta you at any second! He weighs a little over 3kg now and still loves to snuggle with me. He's a real talkative furbaby too, and every movement is accompanied by a mewl or a squeak.
Diva is far smaller than her brother, but she is so beautiful. She also loves to cuddle and will come to find a warm spot in our beds early in the morning. She is also looking less and less like a kitten and more and more like a cat.

These are my new favourite photographs of my little babies, taken by my son Damien.


Alex the Blogging Kat said...

Doz be bery nice kittehz! I likez dem. OK?

SheBee said...

Angelpie, they are looking so BEAUTIFUL!