Thursday, June 3, 2010

20 Weeks Old!

Okay, this is blurry 'coz my BB doesn't want to take a proper picture- but its an excellent illustration of the size difference between Turk and his little sister Diva!!

the mistress of cuteness!
Magic and Turk squished in the sheepskin donut we bought when Magic came into our lives...
and madame Diva again
a fast asleep Turk lying askew across the ottoman...
Diva- one of her favourite games is playing with a marble in the knucklehead's bath tub!!
my beautiful Turk! Can you see how much orange he has on his face now!? He's an exquisite flame point!!

They're 20 weeks old!
They are so precious. Such sweet snuggle cats, which I am so not used to.

Turk spends most of the night on my bed with me, usually snuggling with his beloved Taxi. If Taxi isn't there, he actually comes and snuggles under my duvet with me, or on my pillow above my head. He also loves sleeping in the crook of my Glugster's arm when he can get to it! 
He purrs like a truck and you can hear him even when he's under the bed!!!
He so loves to be with me that when I am baking, or doing my make-up for work, he sits between my ankles!!! If I look down and ask what he's up to, he talks back to me!!

Diva also loves to cuddle and snuggle, and when she's sleepy she comes running to my bed and purrs and kneads like a mad thing. If she can't get to my lap she'll snuggle up against my thigh. She adores climbing up onto the knucklehead's bunk bed and will sleep under his duvet with Greebo!

When my alarm clock goes off in the morning, both the babies come running into my room along with Taxi and wait impatiently while I get dressed and ready for work before heading downstairs to feed them.

Once I do get downstairs, I have to feed the kittens first otherwise they don't eat their food- they eat the big boys' food! Turk wolfs his food down like he hasn't eaten in a week, and then goes to investigate what's in all the other bowls.
Then I feed Greebo, Taxi and Magic. They're hugry too, but they will step aside if Diva or Turk pushes in to eat their food!!

I do so love my furbabies so...


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Turk actually pouts for the camera!