Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bathing Baby

Let me just say that I am totally against bathing cats. They don't need it. They are much better at keeping themselves clean than dogs are. I have not once ever bathed Greebo or Taxi, and they are beautifully sleek and shiny and all their veterinarians have commented on their condition.
But little Magic... well, little Magic was born in a parking lot or a drain or something, and we discovered last night that she had fleas!!!
My furry masters have never had fleas!!!
It was battle-stations and all-hands-on-deck today.
We had to go and get more kitten food as the Hills Science Diet kitten pack the vet gave me was all out of wet food- and this little furball eats like a horse! We then bought Ultrum dog, puppy, cat and kitten shampoo as its supposed to kill fleas, not just clean, and then we bought a spot treatment for Greebo and Taxi as well, just in case. I put some anti-flea stuff in her sheep's wool bed as well.
Then it was bath time.
She was suprisingly quiet while I scrubbed her and rinsed her, and afterwards I rubbed her dry with a towel. She was very dirty- having lived outside for the first few weeks of her life. And the shampoo works like a charm! There must have been 6 fleas that came off her as I scrubbed her and then rubbed her dry- and they were all dead!
And when she was pretty much dry, she crawled in under the duvet next to my Glugster and was right back to her playful self again.


Everycat said...

Still got the blue eyes eh? You really are a young 'un Magic, and now you are a fluffy clean young'un too!

Whicky Wuudler

greebo & taxi said...

everycat: indeedy! we're dying to know what colour her eyes will be...

boldly benny said...

Oh she's a CUUUUTIE! I'm kitty crazy and spent most of my teens saving kittens! Bless you for taking her in and giving her a warm and loving home!