Monday, November 17, 2008

She Now Comes Downstairs!!!

She doesn't know how to get back up the stairs yet though, and I have to watch her very carefully when she goes towards the stairs in case she falls straight down instead of going down one at a time.
She'll very quickly follow someone downstairs, but if her door is open and we're downstairs she hasn't quite worked out how to find us yet... but she's exploring more and more!
And Greebo and Taxi are more and more tolerant of her. They've started swatting at her lightly if she takes a nip at one of their tails- and we all know how enticing a swishing tail can be!


Everycat said...

Magic is growing so fast. She looks quite confident and I'm glad Greebo and Taxi are being gentle, even with the swatting. The third picture down is a classic!

Whicky Wuudler

angel said...

she is so so cute, and she has me in hysterics when i watch her!