Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magic's Favourite Pozzie...

He just loves a towel on the floor! Even if its damp- like this one at the kitchen door, which leaks when it rains- he'll curl up on it!
Anywhere there's a towel on the floor, Magic will curl up on it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taxi Rambling

Last night, Taxi decided things were too dull around here and he wanted to liven it up a little.

At about 10pm, we were already drifting off to sleep- lights off an everything- when I realised Greebo was being very vocal, and very restless.
He talks a lot, but he doesn't usually just walk around meowing. He was up the stairs and down the stairs, on the balcony outside my bedroom (where the door is almost always open for them) and inside again.
I knew something was up, so I got up and went to see what he was moaning about. He was on the balcony wall outside my bedroom, meowing, and came to the door when I asked him what was up, then looked down over the side of the wall again.
I realised one of the cats may be outside as I couldn't see Magic or Taxi, so I went looking for them.
Greebo followed me down the stairs, and then Magic appeared. Both of them headed for the doors and windows downstairs so I knew Taxi was out.
I figured it had happened when my son had had his last smoke and locked up for the night.
It took us a few minutes, but we found him and he slunk back in through the front door.

Then at about 4:40AM, I heard two loud noises but I was half asleep... then I realised Greebo was again walking in and out of my bedroom vocalising like mad.
I just knew Taxi was outside again, and the noise I'd heard was his trying to open the front door ('coz he does that).
When I let him in again, I did a quick tour of the house and found no less than TWO windows that were wide open!
I'm sure it was the maid, for whatever reason, and I'm more than a little miffed at her.

Needless to say I didn't sleep too well, and all the cats have been inside and accounted for since I closed the windows.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Magic Is A Year Old...

Happy 1st purrday Magic!

This sheepskin "donut" was bought for him when we found him, and he and Greebo and Taxi now all share it. It is a great show of how he has grown, and on the picture of him as a tiny baby, its scrunched up a little inside a desk alcove!
Magic cat, you provide all of us with endless entertainment, and you certainly keep your two housemates on their toes!
You are almost too beautiful to be a tomcat, and we are all so glad we found you!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Magic Update

Magic does indeed have a bladder infection- but not the type they're born with (which implies life-long special diet to help with the chemical imbalance) and its not crystals.
He's now got Synulox and Cystaid tablets, which I have to give him twice a day, and we'll get the test results from the urine samples in about 5 days time. The vet also gave him a pain killer as his bladder infection made it very painful for him to have a wee.
He was very unhappy for be left at the vet all day long, but he did eat a little bit of chicken which is always a good sign.
The vet also recommended he have a lot of wet food for a few days because it has a lot of water in it.
When he came home he ate a big bowl of wet meat!
His travel box also fascinated Greebo and Taxi for quite a while after he came home.


Onto nicer things. I found this picture on icanhascheezburger!
Does it not look like it could be Taxi and Magic!?!??!
And here's Taxi and Magic. They're very close.

Magic Is At The Vet...

The last couple of days Magic's ears have been a tad warm, and on Wednesday morning he pee'd on my bed! This is highly unusual, and with indoor cats- avoiding the litter box is usually a sign that it hurts to pee and they associate the litterbox with that pain.
On Thursday afternoon I took him to the vet, after watching him try to have a wee in the litterbox for well over 5 minutes... round and round in circles, scratch scratch, round in a circle, scratch, crouch, scratch, round in a circle... poor baby.
Anyhoodle, Magic goes back to the vet today so they can try and get a urine sample (because he and Greebo and Taxi all use the same litterbox I can't get a urine sample at home).
Thankfully the vet says she doubts its the infection associated with crystals because all our boys eat only Royal Canin Exigent and the crystals are associated with a poor diet. She also doubts its indicative of FeLV or FIV because neither of them present with bladder problems first...
There are two other infections- one from bacteria and one he may have been born with- and once she has a sample she'll test and let me know.