Friday, October 2, 2009

Magic Update

Magic does indeed have a bladder infection- but not the type they're born with (which implies life-long special diet to help with the chemical imbalance) and its not crystals.
He's now got Synulox and Cystaid tablets, which I have to give him twice a day, and we'll get the test results from the urine samples in about 5 days time. The vet also gave him a pain killer as his bladder infection made it very painful for him to have a wee.
He was very unhappy for be left at the vet all day long, but he did eat a little bit of chicken which is always a good sign.
The vet also recommended he have a lot of wet food for a few days because it has a lot of water in it.
When he came home he ate a big bowl of wet meat!
His travel box also fascinated Greebo and Taxi for quite a while after he came home.


Onto nicer things. I found this picture on icanhascheezburger!
Does it not look like it could be Taxi and Magic!?!??!
And here's Taxi and Magic. They're very close.