Friday, October 2, 2009

Magic Is At The Vet...

The last couple of days Magic's ears have been a tad warm, and on Wednesday morning he pee'd on my bed! This is highly unusual, and with indoor cats- avoiding the litter box is usually a sign that it hurts to pee and they associate the litterbox with that pain.
On Thursday afternoon I took him to the vet, after watching him try to have a wee in the litterbox for well over 5 minutes... round and round in circles, scratch scratch, round in a circle, scratch, crouch, scratch, round in a circle... poor baby.
Anyhoodle, Magic goes back to the vet today so they can try and get a urine sample (because he and Greebo and Taxi all use the same litterbox I can't get a urine sample at home).
Thankfully the vet says she doubts its the infection associated with crystals because all our boys eat only Royal Canin Exigent and the crystals are associated with a poor diet. She also doubts its indicative of FeLV or FIV because neither of them present with bladder problems first...
There are two other infections- one from bacteria and one he may have been born with- and once she has a sample she'll test and let me know.


Alex the Blogging Kat said...

Poor Magic! I hopez dat he feelz betterz soon! OK?