Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Magic Is So Entertaining!

Here's the little mischief playing with the string tie on my blouse- which was lying on top of the barstool.
She played with this thing all night- eventually convincing Taxi to join her for a while. She'd grab the end of the tie and try to walk away with it, going back time and again, managing to pull the blouse off onto the floor and run across the livingroom with it after a while!
The big one on the collage of her "stuck" on the barstool's cross-struts is just so cute!
And tonight I finally had to use The Squirt Bottle on her.
Its what I used to deter Greebo and Taxi from climbing the curtains and such like, and worked so well that I need only point it in their direction and they stop what they're doing.
This is why I had to start using it on little Magic tonight...

And try as I might I have not been able to get a picture of Magic and Greebo playing tag. Greebo has been playing with her for a week now and it makes me so happy. And whilst her games with Taxi are usually rough and tumble wrestling matches, she and Greebo run up and down the living room- Greebo is faster of course, but he waits for her to catch up at one end of their route before taking off again!


Everycat said...

A delightful sequence of pictures! She really is looking bigger! I think the trick with the squirt bottle is to never let the cats see that it's you who is using it so they don't associate the water with you and start doing the curtain stuff when you aren't about. Not that I've ever managed to con mineinto thinking the water came from anywhere but my hand! I'd love to see some tag pictures!

angel said...

everycat: she has grown so much!
the boys don't seem to care where the water's coming from, they just don't like it. she's considerably less phased by it than they are!