Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aunty Beags Is A Proper Puppy Aunty!

Today Volt and I had to go on a group walk with our SAGA PDS and several other puppies in training, and this usually takes a couple of hours. There's no way I can take Riddick with me as its a training exercise and Volt needs all my focus, and "Aunty" Beagle Momma very sweetly offered to puppy-sit for me again!
Beags told me how Riddick found one of Harry and Oscar's toys- a squeaky thing- and was chewing on it happily until it squeaked! He got a big fright and dropped it! I am giggling just thinking about it, and it makes perfect sense as there are no squeaky toys at home for him to play with.
Riddick LOVES Harry and Oscar's kennel in the garden! And when he decided it was time to have a nap, he chose Oscar's bed- much to Oscar's disgust!
Beags also noticed how much more active he is now compared to a week ago!
Thank you so much for the photos Beags!
And thank you for having Riddick again!

Oscar not impressed with the bundle in his bed
bounding along 
boys will be boys - off on an adventure with Harry 
checking out the drain 
first nap 
found the water 
gardening with Harry and Oscar 
I want to be a soccer player when I'm growed up 
into the kennel 
looking ever so grown up 
once over from Oscar 
playing with a squeaky in the kennel 
sniffin - with Harry keeping an eye on him in the background
soooooooooooo hungry


cat said...

I can not get over how cute this little boy is