Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet Riddick!!

Our baby boy is 7 weeks old today!
He weighs 4.9kg and he is now eating 70g of Purina Olympic Puppy three times a day.
He was born on April Fools Day 2012 to dad Pele and mom Liberty. He is ¾ Labrador and ¼ Golden Retriever, and he has five siblings- 3 black and 2 golden. They were the 'A' litter, but because he is to be our pet we could choose his name and waive the SAGA naming conventions.
Because our pup has no pupils in his eyes and can't regulate how much light is allowed into his eyes we named him Riddick after the "Pitch Black" character who was blinded by bright light and sunlight! He can't be a guide-dog because it would quite literally be the blind leading the blind!
Riddick can see well enough to follow us around and not bump into things, and he can see contrasts very well, but bright lights like my camera flash blind him and it can hurt (I now have to find a way to photograph him (if he's awake) without using my flash...). And of course his hearing and sense of smell make up for not being able to see properly. We're learning, the more time we spend with him, how much he can and can't see.
In the top picture you can see how his eyelids droop a little as a way of compensating for not having pupils. He has the sweetest face and you just can't help wanting to grab him and cuddle him! And he LOVES to cuddle!
He has white toes on all four of his feet, he has a little white stripe on the top of his head, white eyebrows and a white chest. He has a little bit of brown on his nose and a white fleck on the top of his tail.
One of the other puppy walking families has very kindly loaned us a pair of small "Doggles" for Riddick to use until he outgrows them.



When Volt and Riddick were introduced Volt was immediately taken with the tiny pup, and Volt being very well socialised accepted the pup completely. They are already snuggling together to sleep and Volt tries to play with the pup- who is still very clumsy but follows Volt around like a little shadow.
Thelma and Louise are not terribly impressed with having another puppy interfering with their food and bedding and such, but they will be fine eventually.
The cats are still ignoring him, but they only really pay attention if the puppy gets too close to them.


After we brought him home, he pottered around the house, pulled Volt's blanket out of his crate a couple of times, found Volt's toys- which Volt pounces on and tries to get the pup to play along with him- and slept a lot!




Riddick will be getting pretty much the same training as Volt- except that he will be allowed to play fetch, play with balls, perhaps even swim in the pool, and he will be allowed to bark at intruders.
He is being house trained, and taught he is not allowed to chew on us or our things for fun. He is also discouraged from barking for fun and he will be socialised properly like Volt- including 13 weekly puppy classes at SAGA with his siblings. He will be taught to properly walk on a leash because walking a well behaved dog is simply a pleasure, and like Volt is taught I will teach him not to pay attention to dogs and cars and such when we're out walking.
He will also be taught "come", "sit", "stay", "down" and "wait", and as with Volt's training he will be taught to wait for his food and not go barrelling out of a door simply because its open.
At the moment we are using the bathtub to house train him at night because we don't have a crate for him and because I would like him to sleep in our bedroom with us. We put his bed in the bath and after the dogs all have their last piddle at 11pm he goes in his bed, the girls in their bed downstairs and Volt in his crate, also downstairs.
His first night he woke at 1:30am, my hubby took him outside for a piddle and he woke briefly again at 2am then slept till 5:30am when I took him out for a piddle. I then managed to get him back to sleep and at 6:30am he woke again which is my normal wake up time and the two of us went downstairs to let the other dogs out for busies and get everybody fed. I didn't think that was too bad at all.

asleep on the floor with his new daddy
sleeping snuggled with Volt




My husband and I are both completely smitten with our little Riddick let me tell you!


acidicice said...

He is too gorgeous for words!! I want to smoosh his little face and kiss his nose!