Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Family Is Growing By One!

Yesterday I got an email from SAGA saying that one of their pups had been born with no iris, and because he is now very very sensitive to sunlight he can't be a guide-dog. He is ¼ Golden Retriever and ¾ Labrador, and golden in colour, he will be 7 weeks old on 20 May 2012, and believe it or not he was born on April Fool's Day!!
I am immensely excited to announce that we are going to be adopting him as our own and he will be coming home to live with us on Friday!!
As he will be a pet, we are allowed to waive the SAGA puppy naming conventions and choose our own name. And thanks to my husband who is a whiz at naming our pets, we have decided to name him "Riddick" after a character in a movie- an antihero who had a surgical procedure done on his eyes that made him highly capable of seeing in the dark but blinded by sunlight!
So keep your eyes peeled and prepare to once again be bombarded with puppy photos!


MamaMeeA said...

I'm so glad for you guys - and for Riddick (excellent name choice!)! He couldn't have asked for a better family to go to! :D

Gill said...

Oh that's fantastic news! So excited for you :-)