Sunday, May 27, 2012

#SAGApupVolt At Thirty Weeks Old!!

Thirty weeks old!
I can't believe he's already thirty weeks old!
And in just three days time he will be exactly seven months old!
Isn't he just gawjiss!!?! I know I'm biased, but I think he's the most beautiful guide-dog ever!

Today on the vet's scale he clocked in at 31kg, so it seems his weight is holding steady now. I will continue to weigh him though, because I think he still has some growing to do. He is still eating Purina One All Breed Puppy Formula, but now he gets a specific sized ¾ cup-full twice a day (SAGA gave us the cup we must use). He is well over the minimum height requirement so I am not going to measure his height again until its time for him to go back to SAGA for his formal training.

Our walks are going so very well! I come back from a walk relaxed and feeling happy. I have no tension on the leash unless I tell him to "stop", "wait" or "steady" if he speeds up, and even then its only momentary. If I change direction or tell him to "heel" he follows me immediately. He mostly ignores other dogs, cars, bicycles, motorcycles and people. With people and cars there's the occasional glance in their direction, and if another dog gets particularly excited or noisy behind a gate he may try to head that way, but I change direction or cross the road he listens almost immediately. Although, when we're like a a mall or something out he is far easier to distract than when we're out walking.

Volt and our new puppy, Riddick, really get on well! They play together and sleep together and having Volt here to keep the puppy busy has been a big help for me! 
Volt is jealous of the new baby though. He manifests this by immediately taking toys away from Riddick, deliberately bowling him over at a full run and trying to force him off any cushion or blanket he may be lying on. I know this is also dominance behaviour, and I don't leave them alone together for very long as I want Riddick also to learn that barking and growling during play is not on. Volt is also still in the "adolescent" phase of his growing up, and our garden is feeling the brunt of it with him chewing up a strelitzia and one of my pot plants. He has also taken to dragging Thelma and Louise's blankets out of their igloo kennel on the veranda and onto the back lawn! He doesn't dig holes though which is fabulous.

On Sunday we spent a long afternoon celebrating a friend's birthday with a lunch at Gilroy's. I called and made sure the venue would be okay with Volt coming along as they do not actually allow dogs, and when I explained he was a guide-dog in training they said they would make an exception for him and he would be welcome. Volt was exceptionally well behaved! The place was packed and noisy, and we happened to sit at the end of the table where all the children were going by to get to the play area! Lots of the children- and adults- stopped to pet him on their way past and he didn't jump up or nibble anyone, and I gave a couple of the kids a pew puppy pellets to give him as a treat! I benched him to the table leg and he slept under the table or next to it. He didn't beg or bark or try to go walk about. Everyone was very impressed with how well behaved he was. When we got home he had a good run-around, had some supper, and pretty much slept the evening away! Behaving himself for such a long time was very tiring.

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tanyadeville said...

he is indeed very beautiful! YOu have done such a great job with him - WELL DONE!!!

oh, and the part "if another dog gets particularly excited or noisy behind a gate" ... that wasn;t by ANY chance directed at two beagle brothers, was it! hehe... sorry my boys are a naughty distraction!

Angel said...

LOL tanyadeville not at all- one of the routes we walk has a particularly excitable Rottie and there are two Alsations on another route. :D