Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Boys

Before they think I'm neglecting them with all the blogging about Magic!

Taxi's not limping at all anymore (he was still limping a little bit when we left for our holiday) but he's definitely picking up weight when he shouldn't. I'm going to have to watch him. Being an indoor cat he definitely gets less exercise than outdoor cats do, so I'm going to have to make sure he eats only his food and gets a little more mobile. He's never been fat, but he has slightly too round a shape though he doesn't look overweight yet.

Damien put a Christmas hat on Greebo, who was not impressed, but stayed still long enough for a photograph
Greebo is the same weight as he always has been at 5kg (11Lb), but he's a lot more relaxed around "strangers" (which translates to anyone who doesn't live in our house) than he used to be. He didn't like the petsitter much at all and poor Vic hardly saw him, but if my folks visit now he'll actually stay in the lounge with us rather than hide somewhere else in the house like he used to. I think its great as he's far too beautiful to hide away!


Everycat said...

They are both so very handsome. Ours hide away from certain visitors (cat lovers who don't have cats but want to pick every cat up) who if we aren't careful can take it personally. We pretend they are out catching mice when we know they have slunk off to the wardrobe sleeping places to snub the cat loving guests.

Glad Taxis leg is all better now.

angel said...

everycat: i can't get over the change in greebo!