Monday, November 12, 2012

#SAGApupVolt And #RiddickPup - Another Week Together

Volt had been on training for a couple of weeks so they hadn't seen each other, and Riddick was very glad to see his "big brother"!
When we got home and I took Volt's leash off, the two of them took off into the garden and I didn't see them for 10 minutes!

chilling on the balcony
What they did manage to do - twice in one week - was get Riddick's Rogz collar off (like the one pictured in the link) and chew it to shreds! Each time leaving only the little strip with the big metal loop on it and the name tag! I "found" the remains of both collars in Riddick's poop over the next few days.
The two of them played so much, wrestling and running, and both chasing the solid rubber ball I've found in the back yard (it bounces but it can't be punctured) and, of course, getting up to mischief!
Evidence of their mischief? A hole in the plastic mesh covering the bottom half of my front gate! Its only there to keep puppies in (or smaller neighbourhood dogs and cats out) so its not a problem as such...
And more evidence - the remains of a toilet roll all over my balcony!