Monday, November 5, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Thirty One Weeks Old

He weighed 28.5kg on the vet's scale and he's 55cm tall at the shoulder!
He gained well over a kilo in the last week and he's grown 4cm in six weeks!
mommy's handbag and camera bag make nice pillows
He has suddenly lost his "puppy" face and is looking like a grown-up dog, and he's big enough for me to mistake him for Volt (Volt is visiting for a week) at a glance!
asleep next to the sliding glass door in our bedroom
We've gone through a whole collection of toys with both Volt and Riddick! Labrador puppies are very hard on their toys, and they love to chew. Riddick destroys a tennis ball in minutes. This weekend past I had a bit of a brainwave and my husband gave me a leather belt he no longer wears. I had my son cut off the buckle and then cut the leather strip in half so Riddick has two nice lengths of leather to play with and chew on, and he and Volt have had a lovely time playing tug-o-war with it! Leather lasts longer and is far hardier than plastic! We also found a ball in the pet supply shop that is a solid ball of rubber, which means it can be thrown and it can't be punctured! These solid rubber toys last much longer than other toys. What they also play with a lot are the insides of toilet rolls and paper towel rolls! They do make a mess, but they are pretty much harmless when they swallow bits of them.
Riddick fell asleep with a toilet roll inner tube still in his mouth
Last week Tuesday our suburb had another awesome hailstorm! There wasn't as much hail as the last one we had, nor were they as big, but it was enough to blanket the back lawn and collect in heaps along the wall! When it stopped raining we went outside and Riddick had an absolute BLAST romping in the ice and wet grass!
And Riddick is learning to "shake"! He doesn't do it every time, and it depends on where we are- when we're on our bed upstairs he "shakes" every time you ask him, but he hasn't clicked that the instruction applies no matter where we are.
And last Saturday we visited my folks with puppies in tow. Riddick gets on very well with my mom's two dogs- old lady Cleo (a boerboel) and young Toppolino (a fox terrier cross)- and he is exceptionally good with children! My fifteen month old nephew was pulling on his lips and smacking him in the face with excitement and Riddick didn't blink! And when my nephew was walking around the garden Riddick didn't jump on him or anything, though he does have a good sniff at his face and hands every now and then. I was very proud of him!
worn out after playing with Toppolino and Volt 
chilling with Cleo