Friday, November 30, 2012

My House Of #CatLove

Magic chooses the funniest poses in which to recline... Here he is with his front paws resting on the floor below the step he's lying on!
And here he is, coming to investigate the camera when I caught him digging in my handbag and tried to take a picture...
My precious little Minx, still dainty as the day she arrived in our house. When I try to photograph her she knows I'm near and she stretches and squeaks at me before settling down again.
Her favourite place to sleep is between me and my Glugster on our bed, snuggled up to one of our thighs. And as long as Riddick puppy stays at the foot of the bed she'll stay peacefully asleep.
My Greebo... Notoriously camera shy... Just about the only time I get a picture of him is when he's asleep- and even then he keeps a wary eye on me