Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today Is The Day...

Today is the day I used to dread when it came to my feline furbabies!
Its deworming and tick-and-flea treatment day, for the dogs and the cats.
If you are a cat slave like I am, you will understand why I felt a sense of dread when this day dawned... I have many a scar to attest to my attempts to protect my precious kitties from the various kinds of worms. My cats don't go outside so I don't worry too much about ticks and fleas and so on, but the dogs do come inside and they can bring nasties inside with them.
By the time you've finished trying to get a tablet down a cat's throat, you'd swear your cat had 8 legs, all edged with razor blades!
And then I discovered that there is a flea drop treatment for cats, that treats worms as well (it doesn't treat ticks)!
One quick squeeze of a tiny tube of liquid, between the shoulder blades of my sleeping kitties and we're done and dusted! No scratching. No hissing. No trying to get a grip on their bodies with one hand, holding their mouths open with another hand, and getting the tablet past their teeth with your third hand.
Oh, wait...
My dogs' treatments are a breeze. I offer them a cookie and squish a tube of frontline on the back of their necks and they don't bat an eyelid.
And now of course, thanks to Milbemax's chewable, yummy tasting deworming tablets, Riddick will even shake my hand to get his!