Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our #RiddickPup Is Three Months Old

Today, 1st July 2012, he is 13 weeks old.
He weighed in at 11kg this morning which is a 1.6kg gain since last week, and he is now eating 130g puppy food three times a day.

The "sit", "wait" and "okay" training for feeding time is going so very well. While I'm measuring out his food he gets excited and does this little run in a circle, but he's no longer bouncing up and down which is great. Then when I put his food down he has to "sit" and "wait" until I say "okay"- preferably looking at me not at his food, but we're not quite there yet. I have again taken to adding water to his food bowl to slow him down, but not as much as I did before. It does work and a fat round belly is better than indigestion, I think.

Riddick has unfortunately discovered the cats' litter boxes. I wish I knew why cat litter is like a big bowl of sweets to dogs!

I think we can finally say that house training is done and dusted. We haven't had any accidents in a week, even when Riddick and Volt were locked inside the house for two and a half hours on Wednesday! Its a big relief, but I could kick myself for not picking up on the difference between Riddick and Volt's little signals sooner!

I am sure you've heard people say dogs don't understand actual words but voice tones or gestures? In training Volt thus far I know for sure that they very definitely respond to specific words. And I have discovered that Riddick responds to the word "hungry"! Its quite comical! He'll come straight out of a snooze with his ears pitched if I ask "Who's hungry?" or "Are you hungry?"
On Thursday night Riddick was very restless. I don't know what was up with him but he usually sleeps through. Not that night. And then typically, he was still fast asleep when I needed him to get up the next morning!
Leash walking is going SO much better! He is still very vocal and insecure if he finds himself somewhere he hasn't been before but he's a lot happier to go for a walk now and doesn't constantly try to grab the leash.

I am still trying to get him accustomed to wearing the Doggles, but unfortunately the pair we have on loan is now too small for him so they are rather uncomfortable. I am trying to decide whether I should get an in-between size pair or go straight to the adult size pair because he's growing so fast!!?

He is learning fabulous lessons from having Volt as an example. His "sit", "wait" instruction is fantastic considering how young he is! I can actually make him "sit" and then "wait" whilst I go out the front door to lock up the security gate and come back inside. Its fabulous.
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