Friday, July 13, 2012

Puppy Class With #RiddickPup

This week's puppy class was shorter than usual for Riddick and I as Riddick's tendency to be loud is very distracting for his siblings.
The 'A' litter and Paddington spent some time in the kennels today as a part of preparing them to be in kennels as they grow up, and to see how the pups react to being away from their puppy walkers. 
I didn't put Riddick in kennels with the pups as he whines and howls when he is exposed to a new place or situation and it takes a good five to ten minutes to settle him. Since he won't benefit from that kind of stress at all and will only upset his siblings, we went on a bit of a walkabout instead.

Riddick's brother Apollo and his sister Anushka are beautiful big pups and both have outgrown Riddick good and proper. Abby is still small and dainty compared to her siblings, and Paddington- whilst still wary of the pups- is more and more relaxed every time they get together.

Apollo and Riddick saying hello

Paddington, Abby and Anushka saying hello

Paddington and Riddick saying hello

guide-dogs in training in SAGA's kennels

guide-dogs in training in SAGA's kennels

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