Sunday, July 15, 2012

#SAGApupVolt Is Thirty Seven Weeks Old

Volt weighs the same as last week so I think I can say he's stopped growing.
I know I am biased, but I do think he is the most beautiful dog, and he has the most divine soft coat. One of our favourite things is him sitting on the floor in front of me and me cuddling him and running my hands through his fur and crooning in his ear.
you can see the place on his leg where the wart was removed
On Wednesday evening we popped in at my folks' place to celebrate one of my nephews turning 16, and we took the puppies along with us. We are doing a lot of work on Volt's "positive people distraction" and "positive dog distraction" because as friendly and lovable and approachable as he is, he can't greet every dog and person he sees because he has to focus on his work. What this entails is lots of changing direction and obedience exercises when we're out walking, and when people arrive at the house it means he has to be on-lead until he is calm before our visitors can talk to or touch him. When I took Volt into my parents' house my husband had already asked everyone please to ignore him until I said it was okay to greet him and it took a good few minutes to get him to stay calm when people said hello, but the exercise was imperative.
Here are a couple of pictures of Volt asleep in and on "his" duvet on a REALLY cold night!
And you can read about Volt's visit to the vet to have the wart on his leg removed. He chewed the blue bandage off his leg within a couple of hours of getting home from the vet, and today- Sunday- I noticed he'd gotten rid of the stitches too! Naughty bugger!

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