Monday, July 7, 2008

Moving House...

I have decided to move my furbabies in with my Glugs before we move, and even before I give my landlady notice. This also means my landlady can "show" my flat if she wants to and I won't have to worry about the boys getting out.
For one thing, my babies won’t be alone again as they’ll be with my Glugs in the week and we’ll be there on weekends.
I am very excited about our move- but at the same time I am terrified of the upheaval and the packing is very daunting…
So I have decided to move Greebo and Taxi so they can settle in before we are fully moved and they can consider it home as we steadily transfer our belongings over.
I’ll be transporting them both in their own travel boxes- they have one each- and because their boxes are always open on the floor, they consider it part of their home and they are not afraid to get into their boxes.
I’ll also be taking all their belongings over, their own bowls and water fountain and blankets and scratch posts and such. They’ll be locked in what is going to be Damien’s room to begin with- I’ll probably keep them isolated in there for a couple of weeks.
I am telling myself it will be a little easier to move them than it is to move some cats as my boys do not go outside at all. So they will not have a huge territorial adjustment to make when they move.
I will also be leaving some of mine and Damien’s things in the room with them so they can smell us and to reassure them that we are still “there”.
I was ecstatic when my Glugs met my furbabies and liked them both- and they liked him- which is amazing ‘coz they usually don’t like having anyone in their space…
And what I am even happier about is that my Glugs is quite happy with them remaining indoor cats once they’ve settled in. With Taxi’s FeLV I can’t run the risk of him infecting other cats with fighting or playing, and luckily to date Greebo has tested negative for the virus. Taxi can also very easily pick up illnesses from other cats should he be allowed to go outside since the FeLV attacks his immune system, so I won’t have that risk either.
Another bonus is that there’s a vet right around the corner where I’ll be able to take them for shots and for when Taxi needs a treatment.
This is very nerve-wracking… but I am confident they’ll be okay!


Anonymous said...

As an animal lover I really think it's great - the concern you show for your furries. I love that quality in a person.

I hope they make a smooth transition into their new home. :)

Dino aka Katy said...

how cute. My pets do well with moving or going on vacation. With the dogs we take their blankies along on vacation and they just go to where ever those lay and curl up. My kitties are well traveled and love moving - so many boxes to play in and new areas to check out. They moved with me 6 times in 5 years and did well. Glugs is definitely a keeper the pet test is one of the most important once to pass!

angel said...

sleepyjane: ag thanx man!

katy katy katy: my poor boys have never lived anywhere else... so i'm a little worried!

The Jackson Files said...

Wow. How exciting, it's like the first step towards your life with your Glugs.

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

If u gotta movez I guessez u gotta movez. OK?

My hoomin made me stay wit his used to be wifey once. I don’t likez it. OK?

And I don’t likez to be pusheded into dat carrier suitcase thingie either! OK?

U allz haz a fun move. OK?

angel said...

the jackson files: lol, its far from the first step- but its a big one!

alex the blogging cat: ok!