Sunday, July 20, 2008

Check Us Out!

New collarrrs and new toys!
Greebo and Taxi with the catnip fish
Taxi- chewing with no teeth...
Greebo loving the fishie
Taxi's new camo and target patterned collar- his is always blue
Greebo's new fishbone collar- his is always yellow

These arrre catnip filled fish so naturrrally they'rrre ourrr new favourrrite toy...
And as always ourrr new collarrrs arrre colourrr-coded forrr the odd occasion when ourrr human can't tell us aparrrt, and of courrrse forrr ourrr new human to be able to tell us aparrrt since he's still learrrning!


Alex the Blogging Kat said...

I dunt likez collarrrs! OK?

I likez toys! OK?

angel said...

alex the blogginf kat: ok. but we likes ourrr collarrrs... and we likes ourrr halterrrs and leashes too!