Monday, July 14, 2008

It Was Grrrreat!!!

The furry master's move to their new house went OH so smoothly... WAY easier than I ever imagined!
Greebo and Taxi settled in REALLY well, and by Sunday night they had each annexed an ottoman in the livingroom and snoozed with us whilst we watched the Sunday night movie!
Initially, on the Friday night, they stayed in Damien's room- with all their stuff. And BOTH of them slept under the duvet with Damien- which Taxi has NEVER done!
When I popped in to say hello on Saturday morning, Taxi was perched on Damien’s windowsill checking out the new view. I gave him a cuddle and greeted Greebo, and then Taxi tried to follow me out when I left!
Then on Saturday evening, my Glugs and I were watching a movie in bed ‘coz it was so damn cold; and I kept popping into Damien’s room to see the furbabies. After a bit my Glugs said to bring them to our room. I went and fetched Taxi and Damien brought Greebo. They slunk around a little- you know the nervous-cat-slow-and-low-to-the-ground type of movement… but in short order Taxi was on the bed with us and climbing all over Glugs! My Glugs then took a nap while I watched TV and the boys explored the room. Later in the evening when I went to make supper, they came downstairs with us… albeit slowly! They were very quickly exploring the rest of the house and following us up and downstairs, Taxi wanting to be where I was as always- including the loo- and Greebo is right back to sleeping with Damien under the duvet. Although on Sunday when I stayed home and out of the cold they both spent the day on the bed with me.
I realised today that what might also have made the boy's move even easier is that Damien and I have spent just about every weekend of the last 7 months here, so the whole house smells of us all over the place! Its not all that different to their last home...


Alex the Blogging Kat said...

I iz happy nuffin nassy happen whenz u movez. I iz gald u iz purring nice purrs. OK?

angel said...

alex: thanx forrr stopping by to check in on us frrriend