Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We all survived!

This weekend past the big introduction happened- and all went relatively smoothly.

By Sunday, when the dogs went home, Taxi was actually venturing down the passage to the closed gate and checking out the dogs who were sitting on the other side- as you can see in the picture (which I have to take from a distance so as not to interfere).
And he didn't even get all fuzzy and fluffed up!
Greebo is still very wary and remains behind a door when checking out the dogs.
In the other picture, Taxi is lying on the bed and Greebo is sitting at the cupboard on the floor peeking round the corner. You can see one of the dogs at the closed gate at the end of the passage. This is about as close as Greebo is prepared to get.

The dogs are back again as of this Wednesday night... so we'll see how it goes.
Though I am quite happy with keeping them seperated as they won't be seeing each other all that often...


Alex the Blogging Kat said...

I likez doggiez. I likez to teaze doggiez and den runz away and jumpz up high. OK?

angel said...

alex the blogging kat: i am seriouslt doubting whether greebo and taxi will ever "like" the dogs...