Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Poor Poor Taxi...

He's stressing so much about everything that's going on around him in the flat that his whiskers are splitting and breaking...!
My poor little snicker-doodle-tixanax has almost no whiskers left on the right side of his face and the left side's whiskers are only a little bit better.

As he was diagnosed with FeLV a few months ago, so I monitor him closely to make sure he is himself and doesn't develop the mysterious fever, loss of appetite and listlessness that seems to be indemic to FeLV. When he does get a fever, I take him to the vet and he gets a broad spectrum antibiotic- so of course I immediately attributed the whisker loss to his FeLV.
I Googled like a lunatic and could only find that maybe a kid had cut them off, he'd lost them in a fight, or he needed a dietary supplement. Then I called my vet.
He phoned me back (isn't he sweet?) and made the same suggestions as I had found online.
Losing them in a fight is not an option becaus he and Greebo are BIG mates and they don't go outside. Damien-the-amateur-eco-warrior cutting them off was also ruled out. A dietary supplement may help... but when he mentioned stress it all clicked into place!
So here's hoping they'll grow back normally when he moves in with my Glugs and things settle down again.


Alex the Blogging Kat said...

I sorry when kitty kats iz sick. I wishez Taxi good thingies. OK?

angel said...

alex: it hasn't gotten any worrrse... so herrre's hoping!