Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She's Now relaxed Enough To Sleep Anywhere!

She's started that whole kitten thing where they'll be playing furiously, and then just collapse.
Before, when she first came to us, she mew and talk and ask to be taken back to her hidey-hole before she'd fall asleep, now she just drops where she is.
Last night it was my bathroom floor where she'd visited me while I showered!
My Glugs' dogs are visiting us, and while Magic has put them very firmly in their place, the older dog- Yodi- follows Magic around as if trying to work out why this fluffy toy can move on its own! And thats all she does, she goes where Magic goes and she watches her. Its very comical to see.


Everycat said...

Yodi is probably wondering how Magic is so confidently taking ownership of your entire home or, maybe just keeping an eye on her to see she comes to no harm. I can see some feint secret tabby markins on Magic's legs now and on her tum! I do hope Magic gets enough sleep. Looks like she might do! hehe!


angel said...

everycat: she is so cute... as for the tabby markings, taxi also had them as a baby- so i think they might disappear?

boldly benny said...

She's too cute!